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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 13, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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un-american. give me a break. i'm glad that so far in america we have not let the authoritarian set all the rules. that's our show. see you next week. . lou: good evening, everybody. as the country moves to the center right, president obama moves to the far left. seemingly mr. obama is trying to rationalize the voters' repudiation of policies and rejection of the democratic party's candidates. the president has publicly been dismissive of 36% of americans who turned out to vote last week while instead focusing on the more than 60% who did not. and he, of course, is not in any of his comments acknowledging that he himself did not win a majority of the eligible voters in 2012 re-election. and president obama appears to
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be disconcertingly at times authoritarian in his actions. at the very least favoring unilateralism. we begin tonight with the president's plan to legalize more than 5 million illegal immigrants with his executive fiat as early as next week. the white house confirming last night that the president has decided not to wait for congress. >> no, it does not mean the president will wait. the timing of the president's decision is not nearly as significant as the decision that is facing house republican leaders. about whether they want to continue to block bipartisan legislation that is already passed the senate. lou: the new republican senate leadership today warned the white house about ignoring the will of the american people and the importance of not infringing on the constitutional balance of powers. >> i can't think of anything more discouraging that the president of the united states could do know that what senator mcconnell mentioned, and that
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is threaten to issue this executive amnesty order which disregards the law, and the balance of powers in the constitution. lou: house republicans already threatening to use the upcoming government funding bill debate to block the president's executive action. republican congressman matt salmon of arizona has already mobilized more than 60 members of the republican caucus to support the effort. house speaker john boehner repeatedly declared today that republicans do not want to shut down the government, but he also repeatedly said all options are on the table to stop such a fiat. >> our goal here is to stop the president from doing this. >> you think you can? >> we'll find out. >> what other options are you looking at? >> well, you know, every administration needs this, and needs that, needs all kinds of things. and you know, if he wants to go off on his own.
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there are things he's not going to get. lou: and there it is. then, the keystone pipeline. with senate democrats now on board for a vote sometime early next week. senator mary landrieu using the issue to drum up support in her december 6 runoff to keep her seat. she claims she has 60 votes in the senate for the bill. enough to avoid filibuster. and now, the white house is already telling her don't bother. >> we have indicated that the president's senior advisers at the white house indicate he veto legislation like that. i haven't rude the specific details discussed in the congress overnight. it's fair to say our dim view of the proposals has not changed. lou: the president's planned amnesty fiat and refusal to approve the keystone pipeline evidence of his unilateral
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occasional inclination. the president ordering, demanding, that the federal communications commission begin to strenuously regulate the internet. and in so doing, he broke with hand picked fcc chairman on net neutrality. but as of today, fcc chairman tom wheeler is back on message. his tail firmly between his legs. and the president tuesday unilaterally announced a cut in u.s. carbon output over the next decade and he called that unilateral overreach an agreement with china. china, which agreed to do absolutely nothing. well, the current democratic senate majority leader joining republicans, senator harry reid urging president obama to delay executive action on immigration. the senator voicing concerns about the disruption of a potential spending deal. opponents claim mr. obama's plan would require immigration
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officers to abandon statutory enforcement duties in order to process millions of amnesty applications. illegal immigrants would be issued work permit, social security numbers, and photo identification at significant expense to the u.s. citizenship and immigration services, all congress has to do is to prohibit funding to that our next guest supports just such a move if this president acts unilaterally. joining us, senator pat roberts, who last week defeated independent challenger greg orman in a hard-fought battle to retain his seat. senator roberts a key member of a number of committees, including finance, agriculture, health and education. congratulations on your victory. secondly, good to see you. and let's turn to how this congress and this senate will respond to a president who does try to issue an executive fiat declaring amnesty for millions
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of illegal immigrants. >> lou, thank you very much for those comment. i think it's all hands on deck right now. i'm supporting senator sessions from alabama in his efforts to strip the spending from the president's amnesty, i don't know what to call it. an amnesty executive order. if it's anything they heard in kansas on the campaign trail, is that people are sick and tired of the obama-reid agenda and doing things by the pen or the sword. here we come with astounding executive order declaring immigration policy, which is basically an executive order declaring amnesty. i don't think this is going to happen. lou: and senator, there is a different tone emanating from the republicans that i've covered, whom i've covered over the years. there is, if you will, a responsible, significant, and
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serious tone to the leadership of both houses. like every other american, i hope it all augher well for the challenges that lie before this government, this congress and senate. are you confident that this party is ready to stand up for folks who have been ignored over the last six years, perhaps longer, and that is the middle class of this country, working men and women who aspire to the middle class, small business men and women? >> there is no question about that. everything that we talk about is growth, tax reform that aims at the middle class. at the small business folks up and down main street in my home state of kansas. but i'm exhilarated over the opportunity to restore the senate back to the senate. end the gridlock. start votes. see if we can get 60 votes for things we all know that have to happen. we went through a whole list of
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those today at lunch. starting with the pipeline. isn't it interesting that when a senate seat is finally at risk, all of a sudden, while you have the white house coming on board or at least we thought was coming on board, with regards to the pipeline. i think we'll get more than 60 votes. rather embarrassing for the fot have this on his desk and not sign it, if that's the case. long overdue. lou: long overdue, and, in fact, it is now abundantly apparent over the years which there's been an effort on the part of this administration to delay and then just stop altogether, the keystone pipeline. that it is the president's will, not the american people's will he's interested in following here. >> there's no question about that. he is still very feisty about executive orders. and the american people are fed up with him.
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we don't have time for them. we have to govern, and they think was the marching order that we got from the american public. i know that's what i got in kansas. get things done. as one farmer told me out west, pat, i don't feel governed, i feel ruled. you can do that with regulatory reform. you can use by using the purse strings, onerous regulations that we have. we would rather do it under a more comprehensive bill. but we're going to do everything we can to make it work, end the gridlock and the obama-reid agenda where we don't get anything done. lou: are you confident that the new majority in the senate, along with of course the expanded majority in the house, will act to stop any executive fiat or at least implementation should the president decide to act? >> theres are 60 folks who
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signed a letter already in the house. this news is ever changing as to when he's going to do it. even the current majority leader, soon to be minority leader, harry reid says the president ought not to do this. i don't think he can simply ignore thanking that we would go ahead and with the purse strings, with the appropriation bill just take the money away. lou: senator pat roberts. good to talk with you. >> thank you, lou. lou: and something to consider as president obama is preparing to issue that threatened executive fiat, that would give de facto amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. critics call it unconstitutional. it could come next week. a new report from the center for immigration studies shows 42% of those take advantage of the medicate expansion under obamacare are immigrants and their u.s. born children. there is no differentiation in that report between legal and
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illegal immigrants. and that comes at a cost of taxpayers of almost 5 billion dollars over two years. a new report by the associated press finds the federal government uses only drones to patrol almost half the nearly 2,000 mile border with mexico. let me repeat, drones, only drones, surveying half of our border with mexico. that means no agents, no camera towers, no ground sensors, no fences in many places. but predator drones sweeping remote mountains, canyons and rivers with high resolution cameras. that's border security. we're told. we're coming right back. president obama has a new strategy for syria, the commander in chief may have decided to draw yet another red line. we'll be joined by the chairman of the house foreign
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. lou: defense secretary chuck hagel today denied reports that the obama administration is looking at a shift in tactics that would target syrian president bashar al-assad regime's in damascus. this is testimony before the house armed services committee
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hearing. >> no, there is no change, in the strategy. again, the national security council addressed it. that's all i can tell you, there is no change. and there's no different direction. lou: our next guest says a plan concerning syria is exactly what some of our allies are asking for. joining us now congressman ed royce, the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee and it's good to have you with us, mr. chairman. are you surprised at the answer by secretary hagel? does that seem faithful to the facts as you know them? >> well, there are some conflicting assessments of this. ben rhodes gave a different spin on the issue. but the bottom line is if we look at the policy there, it's a policy that's failing, and as you indicated, lou, it's a
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policy in which allies in the region, from jordan, to the gulf states, nato member turkey, have spoke out to say this is not succeeding. and since we do not have an interest in putting u.s. combat forces into that theater, it would be wise to figure out a strategy that would defeat isil. the administration has yet to come up with a strategy, and when we made the suggestion, when isil was on the open road, leaving syria to attack iraq, that those columns could be hit from the air. the administration drug its feet. it drug its feet for about a year, so now the comeuppance is eastern syria and western iraq are in the hands of the islamist radicals, and the question is will we now begin to discuss with others in the region, the steps that might
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bring them into the effort, including turkey. and they've indicated, look, we want to see a strategic plan, before we get engaged here. we're still, as you and i discussed, we're still not selling to the kurds the arms that they would like to have for their 190,000 soldiers there that are strung out across a 600 mile border, fighting this isis. fighting them without the anti-tank missiles, the artillery, the mortars, the tanks that they need. let's sell them the equipment. let them do the fighting, but let's get the administration off the dime on a plan here that's going to work and is going to have our allies or others in the field pick up the burden of carrying out the struggle. lou: mr. chairman, have you spoken to the complexity or part of the complexities that exist here in one instance. the turks are extraordinarily
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sensitive to the kurdish issue. kurds have demonstrated themselves to be the best most effective fighters against the islamic state and deserving of our support because of that, would coincide with our interests, that is the west interests in iraq and in syria. why can this administration not reach a decision in your judgment? >> i think the administration's just running out the clock. they're going to leave this problem, i guess, for a new administration in two years. the problem is that in putting off decisions, for example, to robustly engage isis from the air. the problem would not send in more than an average of five airstrikes a day is isis keeps rolling up territory. at the end of the day, i think they need to sit down with the government in turkey, what's turkey asking for? they're asking for basically, as i understand it, a no-fly
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zone, over the north of the country. the two million refugees up there adjacent to their territory in cities like aleppo, they don't want to see the assad regime come in there and do the airstrikes, 40 airstrikes a day, and so it would be an easy negotiation, i think, since this is also the opinion of the jordanians, who are providing airpower, as well as the saudis and the uae to say, okay, you patrol the area, but we're jointly going to come up with a solution that has you all do the offense against isis. but to do that you need leadership. and we haven't seen leadership. lou: leadership is going to be and is desperately required now because as you know, better than almost anyone, certainly you know as does the senate foreign relations committee chair, what this county is facing right now.
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we're being challenged by russia on nearly every quarter. the announcement that we're going to witness a return to cold war era over flights by -- i almost said soviet -- russian forces. the cold war seems to be upon us, as ukraine is being invaded, the top commander of nato, general philip breedlove making it clear, we're witnessing in eastern ukraine an invasion by soviet troops. and in crimea, reinforcement by what are termed, quote, nuclear capable troops, without response or frankly even so much as a word from this administration, either the pentagon, the state department or the white house! >> precisely, not even acknowledgment. and general breedlove released the shocking news yesterday that tank batallions or tank units were coming over the border from russia as you indicated, an invasion, also
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artillery, also combat infantry, and they are moving on an area near the amount north of donetsk, where the ukrainian military is trying to hold off against an assault by rebel forces. now, if they directly engage the ukrainian army there, in the ensuing days as they make their way towards that target, and the united states says nothing, imagine how the europeans interpret this. europeans watch this administration haul the interceptor system out of poland, out of the czech republic because of russian pressure. that system was to protect against an attack from iran, a missile attack. lou: how quickly -- we're in desperate trouble here on time, congressman. but how quickly in your judgment can we support our
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allies across all of eastern europe, including the balkan states? >> well, this is reminiscent of the situation we faced under jimmy carter, and we'll said how will this possibly be reversed. look what the ayatollah is doing with hostages. look what's happening with the invasion, the soviet invasion. we elected ronald reagan, and within weeks, the situation had reversed. but it took leadership to do it. and without that leadership from the white house, our allies are not going to be rallied. and so the executive branch is going to have to learn lead, and they better do it quickly because there are a lot of bad actors in the world that are learning the wrong lessons right now as we speak. lou: chairman, thanks for being with us. congressman ed royce. >> thank you, lou. lou: time for a look at online poll results. we asked whether you believe the united states and europe will continue to appease and accommodate president putin's
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expansionist ambitions? 89% of you said yes. vote on our poll tonight, the question is do you believe there is any way short of war to stop president putin's aggression. cast your vote at, and christie's making auction history selling 853 million dollars of contemporary art, that is a lot of contemporary art. two andy warhol paintings brought in a huge chunk of money, a silk screen featuring gun toting images, three of elvis presley brought in 82 million and a portrait of marlon brando sold for 70 million dollars. the massive conspiracy of deceit that led to the passage of obamacare is piling up. democrats falling back on what is now an all-too-familiar refrain. well, they're just denying. that's next. sheila! you see this ball control?
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keane. a few comments on the walls the administration built around itself and deceitful bond with the democratic party that it led to devastation at the polls a week ago. we got a glimpse, a bit of a peek at the nature of that bond between obama and democratic leaders when then-house speaker nancy pelosi famously said this in 2010. >> we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy. lou: and the dishonesty, the righteousness, the indifference to moral and ethical considerations have been on almost constant display under this president. as this week when recording surfaced of obamacare architect jonathan gruber who bragged the obama white house had duped not for the first time, the american people and ordered to
10:30 pm
pass obamacare. >> the clever basic exploitation of the lack of understanding of the american voter. >> and basically, you know, called the stupidity of the american voter. lou: professor gruber is still employed at m.i.t., despite lying to congress, lying to the media, lying to the american people. m.i.t. must not have a morals clause in its employment contracts. what do you think? but that contract surely will now be tested in this one instance because the odious obamacare consultant gruber appears on a fourth video this week, this time bragging about fleecing the federal government, longtime senator ted kennedy and some as he put it smart people. >> the dirty secret in massachusetts is the feds pay for our bill. in massachusetts we have a powerful senator, you may know,
10:31 pm
named ted kennedy. ted kennedy figured out to rip off the feds for 400 million dollars a year. lou: surely, at least the democratic minority leader has learned her lesson. surely! but alas, this is madam leader, now responding to questions about gruber and his role in the passage of what all now know was a fraud perpetrated on the american people. >> i don't know who he is. he didn't help write our bill. let's put him aside. lou: so today she doesn't know who the m.i.t. hired gun is? said he had nothing to do with the bill? and wants the media to simply shoo away damning thoughts? here is madam leader one more time in 2009. >> our bill brings down rates. i don't know if you have seen jonathan gruber's m.i.t. analysis of what the comparison is to the status quo versus
10:32 pm
what will happen in our bill. lou: some would call pelosi's statements lies, but they wouldn't have my highly evolved sensibility. the white house promoted the m.i.t. economist as an independent analyst to back up the white house claims on the health care law, when in fact gruber had been paid $400,000 to make the glowing claims about obamacare. glowing claims reports the huffington post that were disseminated by the white house and the national liberal media with headlines like these. from a white house blog m.i.t. economist confirms senate house bill reduces costs and improves coverage. from the "washington post," massachusetts provides evidence that health care reform lowers insurance premiums. from politico, m.i.t. analysis backs obama. all of those published before obamacare was passed. gruber may be m.i.t.'s idea of
10:33 pm
an honest man, such honesty is how the democratic party deceived the nation, and with the help of unscrupulous president on this issue at least who declared we can keep our doctors, health care insurance, the premiums would go down, not up at health care costs would fall. none of which, of course, was true. we may have lived up to gruber's idea of stupidity once, but last tuesday's election proves we're not so stupid that we can't learn. our quotation of the evening from the classical greek playwright euripides -- we're coming right back. stay with us. >> vladimir putin says the cold war is on. russia flexing nuclear muscles moving in on new territory in
10:34 pm
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. lou: among the stories we're following tonight, the islamic state has released a new audio recording of its leader, it is believed but not yet confirmed that abu bakr al baghdadi is the voice heard on the
10:38 pm
recording saying the u.s. coalition failed to destroy his group and will have to send ground troops in order to fight. if confirmed that it is al baghdadi, it would put to rest reports he was killed or wounded in airstrike earlier this week. new reports tonight that the islamic state in al qaeda's branch in syria agreed to a truce with one another. the associated press reporting the troops will cooperate on the ground, focus fight on common enemies. the deal stops short of a full outright merger of the two bodies. the joint chief of staff chairman testified that military strategy against the islamic state remains what he called iraq first. joining me now retired four-star army general, vice chief of staff, general jack keane, fox news military analyst, and good to have you with us, general. >> good to be here. lou: general dempsey asked
10:39 pm
about troops on the ground, if you would, along with the audience, listen to his response. >> i'm not predicting at this point they would recommend that those forces in mosul along the border would need to be accompanied by u.s. forces but we're certainly considering it. lou: considering it? does that mean boots on the ground? as most of us commonly understand the expression? >> absolutely, lou, we have been talking about this for weeks that it's highly unlikely the iraqi security forces or the sunni tribes or the peshmerga could be successful particularly taking back something like mosul or parts of anbar province without having u.s. troops accompany them at least as advisers at air ground controllers. the chairman in that tape, general dempsey, did not specify whether he meant ground combat forces that would be fighting side-by-side, but the
10:40 pm
fact of the matter is this strategy has been inadequate from the beginning in how to use u.s. and coalition military forces to help this very weak hand that we have with the indigenous forces. this is not a surprise. the other thing happening here, lou, general dempsey uses the congressional testimony. he has a lot of latitude to throw out things that may happen in the future, and i think he's using that to leverage off the white house, frankly. >> it appears, as i listened to him, some rather careful courage, in fact, as he expressed the reality of what is going on there. and if you will, separated and pushed away some of the ambiguity of our role. that ambiguity seems is particularly attractive to our commander in chief right now. seemingly, he seems hesitant, and he seems satisfied to hold back, irrespective of the
10:41 pm
costs? >> yeah, absolutely. and you know he's -- iraq is still first, in the strategy. i didn't think they would reverse that. there's been significant leaks over the weekend, as you know, about a review of the syria strategy. lou: right. >> and i think they're really contemplating what we have described here with you is the fact that delinqing assad and isis and only going after isis while assad punishes the free syrian army who we're trying to assist never has made sense. and i agree with senator mccain when he argues that's immoral to do something like that. i think they're going to relook the syria strategy. they've got to. it is flawed and misguided. lou: flawed, misguided and we're shorthanded and we're underfunded our military, and the challenges seem to be rising by the day, whether it's the islamic state for which this administration and this
10:42 pm
pentagon has not yet found an answer to act upon. russians are being provocative across the pacific, over the arctic. they are being, with their overflights of bombers, jet fighters, attack fighters, a hundred intercepts by nato this year. three times as many as the previous year. we have a task group, russian task group moving toward the coral sea, and an interdiction is imminent in that with the australian navy for crying out loud. and where are we and how, how overmissioned can this superpower's military be? >> yeah. well first of all, on putin, he's a master at psychological. that's what this primarily is. i don't to understate the
10:43 pm
significance. maritime forces, airpower and ground forces, absolutely no match for the united states military. however, he's got to be a student of sun su, the greatest military strategist. it is the use of the psychological. and if you can overwhelm your enemy psychologically to the point where they capitulate without having to fire a shot. that is the ultimate objective of war to break your opponent's will. and putin truly understands this. here he is using this intimidation again to create an appearance of power and strength that he is quite limited frankly, but that's not what he is conveying. i'll bet anything, when he walked into that room at the apex summit with all of the national leaders and the beijing leader hosting them, the past china, most looked at him as the strongest and
10:44 pm
toughest leader in the world. lou: he can make that entrance all over again, he'll be at g-20 this weekend with a representation of the russian navy. not far from brisbane. general, good to talk with you. thank you so much. >> good talking with you, lou. lou: general jack keane. visit our facebook page, dobbs tonight. check out content, leave a post. we want to hear from you. "like" our page, and we'll enjoy the conversation. up next, new evidence shows americans are finally smartening up when it comes to the spiraling cost of higher education. is that the biggest bubble of them all? that's next.
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. lou: on wall street, stocks moved higher, the dow 41 point anew record high at the close. the nasdaq up one point. crude oil prices plummeting to the lowest level in four years. the number you're looking at is correct. $74.21 a barrel.
10:49 pm
down 3 bucks, almost 4 bucks on the day. oil prices dragging down the energy sector that fell nearly 1.5%. and a reminder listen to my financial reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. college borrowing falling for a third straight year. students borrowing 106 billion dollars for college last year, that is huge, but down 8% from the previous year according to the college board it. appears that a lot of families and students are waking up and wising up about student loans and all of that debt that they have to assume in order to get a college education. it doesn't always pay for everyone. certainly, it may be the biggest bubble in our economy. all day fox business has been focused on charitable giving on the series the business of family wealth.
10:50 pm
we thought we'd share with you how critical the charitable sector is to this nation. americans last year gave more than $335 billion to charities and nonprofit organizations, that's an increase in more than 4% from 2012. overall, giving, has risen for four straight years. though it's still not at the prerecession level of $350 billion that americans gave in 2007. the lingering effects of the great recession. the largest american charities by donations received are united way, 3.9 billion followed by the salvation army. the task force for global health. feeding america and catholic charities usa. coming up here next, after sending thousands of illegal immigrant children to this country, one central american nation wants billions of your tax dollars. for what?
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. lou: as i reported to you at the beginning of the broadcast, the president is set to take executive action on amnesty as early as next week, but now two countries are seeking billions of dollars from this government to curb the flow of illegal immigrant children into the country. i know it sounds a bit like extortion but i'm not it's not
10:55 pm
that. honduras and guatemala seeking $2 billion a year each from you, the taxpayer, and me. joining us now republican strategist former spokesperson for president george w. bush, mercedes and chairman of the executive union, matt slapp. if i may turn to the election, and mercedes begin with you. is this president -- does he understand what happened, that his policies, that he insists are on the ballot be repudiateed? >> absolutely not. he said that two-thirds of the voters didn't vote. he believes two-thirds of the voters would have voted for him and the democratic party. again, i think there is a sense that he is basically in denial, and as we're seeing in the actions he's been taking with
10:56 pm
net neutrality with the pact with china and climate change and the possible executive action on immigration, clearly, he's continuing not to listen to the voters. he's basically saying i have two years left and going to ram through what he wants to do. lou: well, i'm going to ask this because, matt, it fascinates me the possible answers. do you agree with your wife? [ laughter ]. >> lou. >> you better, honey! you better. >> i think she's brilliant, lou. lou: there you go! if we've got the record on that. let's turn to honduras. specifically. coming to the president to the white house saying they want $2 billion not to send any more children to the border to create more, that's outright extortion, is it not? >> i think the biggest problem here is we have tried this experiment with socialism. we have tried this experiment with stimulus spending and deficit spending in america, and now we want to export that.
10:57 pm
these countries say they need the money so they can enhance their economies. this is going to go through the sieve, and not going to help anybody. we're going to waste the money and not going to solve any problems. so i hope, and very trusting in the new republican congress to do the right thing and control the power of the purse. lou: i think most of central america by now has heard this president wants open borders, wants as many illegal immigrants to enter as possible, and expand the redistributionist ideology beyond our borders, it's not enough to bring to bear in our society. the fiat, the executive fiat he promised next week, mercedes, do you think republicans can stop, prevent the impact of the fiat if he issues it? >> i think the republicans are put into a tough spot here. if he moves forward on the ten points, the initiative that was
10:58 pm
presented to him. it is going to cause, it's like throwing a grenade into what we find to be a garagil relationship between the new congress and the president. here's the deal. 63% of americans do not agree with unilateral action that would be taken by the president on immigration. this is the greatest expansion on immigration that we have seen in our lifetime. lou: do you think the republican majorities in both houses -- excuse me, in the house of representatives, along with the majority to be in the senate, can they muster the stop to stop him? >> the only way is through the purse. again, it goes back to stopping funding. lou: matt, your thoughts. >> you know, lou, we're already seeing from speaker boehner a little shift right before we started talking. he's saying they have to take every step they can take which might include the government shutting down. if the president wants to get into a fight over his ability to spend this money, i think the republicans are going to
10:59 pm
take him on and really they should. this is obnoxious, extra constitutional. it's going to get fought out in the course. the right way to handle this is in the legislative process. years, i believe there is a glimmer of hope for our nation. let's pray that it loads into a shining beacon of light again.
11:00 pm
and eric holder r.d. convicted this before the verdict wasen. thank you for being with us. goodnight, from new york. neil: can the keystone be kept out of our minds? we are suddenly pushing for this now. and let me just say that i wanted to meet a guy who is doing the white house health care headaches. and we do you see what we found. and the whole world racing for space and we are just sitting tight. and it's one thing to knock off are apple stores, read another to knock off a military jet. almost to the exact


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